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store by greatdianeHello buddies! I opened this small store at EnvatoMarketplace with great items at affordable prices, check it out"!…
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Hello, buddies, just to let you know that if you want a Google+ invite,  just send me your email :-)

By the way, my birthday is this monday, so I¨ll give some nice stuff for free!

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Hello, buddies,

I just want to let you know that I`m still alive!also I want to thank you for your kind words and favs, especially thanks to Pixeltool (Alonso) I was featured in his Journal,….

I`ve been working in personal projects and client projects too,I was very surprised `cause I was contacted by the CEO of and I did some stuff for them,     he found me on Carbonmade. I`m thinking to switch from freelancer to full time job next year, not sure yet, I was contacted by an agency and local magazine called HECHO MAGAZINE  … I would like to give it a try. Also I`ll buy a new computer (I hope so), I hate my old shitty computer now.

Some links to help you in your freelancer life!:

1.   The Monster List of freelancer Job sites

2.   50 Freelance Job Sites For Designers & Programmers

And of course, the Envato Marketplaces!! $_$    

Merry Christmas 2010!
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Hello, I´m having problems with my deviantart portfolio… don´t know is this thing happen to you and I hope this help this is the   message


I have a problem with my portfolio storage (DA portfolio) when I try to erase a image is not possible, so I can´t upload new images to my portfolio, it is a bug? I´ve tried many times to erase the images but I can´t.



Hi, It sounds like you have a Firefox extension interference. Can you go to in your Firefox browser to Tools>Add-ons and look under the extension section. Please let me know what all you have listed if anything. Thanks! :)

Evanita W Montalvo
Help Desk Representative
Community Operations
deviantART, Inc.


Thank you for your reply. The Add-ons I have listed are:
Ask Toolbar
Delicious bookmarks
Java Console 6.0.16
Java quick starter 1.0
Twitter bar
Or you can see in the attached image.


Thank you for your report. I just found out the situation you describe is a known issue at this time. The deviousTechnology department is looking into this issue and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that there are other issues being looked into as well. Some bugs are of higher priority than others and some bugs take longer to fix.

Please note that we will be setting your ticket to resolved. This does not mean that the issue you are experiencing is solved but that there is no further reason for the ticket to remain open as we have collected all the necessary information we need in order to look into the situation.

We thank you for your vigilance and patience.

I think is a good idea that I build my own portfolio :P
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On the Roof Entertaiment is a scammer...

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 30, 2009, 9:43 PM

Last week I received an email from "On the Roof Entertaiment" telling me that they need a Logo design for a band, but, friends, is a FRAUD!!, they are scammers trying to get free art for us, from deviantart artists, I´m not silly I told him that I don´t send any skecthe after the FIRST 50% payment, and they never sent any other emial.  This is the email I´ve received last week:


My Name is Jack I'm contacting you from On the Roof Entertainment in
London. We love your designs on Deviant Art and wanted to discuss an
exciting opportunity for you. We are looking after a new artist called
NightShift who's first single is a collaboration track with the
following international artists.

NightShift featuring

Mutya Buena ( From the group Sugababes), UK Chart Number 1 artist and
multiplatinum artist
Megaman - rapper - So Solid Crew- UK Chart Number 1 artist and
multiplatinum artist, one of the most credible rappers in the UK
DJ Ironik - rapper -  recent top 3 UK Chart Hit with Elton John
Steelo - UK funky house chart number 1 artist
Tanto Metro and Devonte - 2 US billboard Chart Hits
Mr Vegas – US Billboard Chart Hits (Jamaica based reggae MC)
TQ- American Rapper/ Singer
TBC – Sisqo from Dru Hill

The Lineup is clearly amazing and we would like to give you the
opportunity to be involved in this project and future NightShift

The skills we are looking for are

1.      Logo and Identity Development.
2.     Myspace and Web Graphics.

We already have a great concept for the logo and a theme for
Nightshift. We'd like to work together with you to create a logo and
build a theme for the NightShift. The Music Style is Dance /Electro /
RnB /Hip.

Our first priority is to create a logo. We are aiming to have the logo
complete by this Tuesday  / Wednesday. Please let us know if you'd like
to take advantage of this exciting opportunity and we can send you
more details.


On The Roof Entertainment

+44 7747 807 157

This is not real, dudes, another artist from deviantart received an email like this one and if you receive any email like this, ignored, yeah, is soo cool, sounds good, but is not true. FUCKIN SCAMMERS!

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Update #4: About Deviantart Portfolio

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2009, 10:31 AM

Hi, buddies, the problem with the DA portfolio is fixed (Thank u DA!) and now my ARtist Bio is working :)

Also, check out this others portfolios, actually they´re my favorites:

DA Portfolio  interface is verry simple, but you just need to use your imagination to create a portfolio like this:

Pedro Delgado (greatLP)

Mine (greatDiane):P… fuckn construction

Ian Field-Richards

Patrick Eagar(so cool)

Let me know if you have a da portfolio too :)


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